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API Version 1


The NeManager API is a RESTful API based on HTTP requests and JSON responses.

This API provides an interface to allow you to access and perform actions within NeManager from external applications and sources.

The API is free for non-commercial usage. Your application is probably free if you don't plan on making any money from it. You will also end up being under 'free use' if you use the API to show , say, statistics on your website.

If your application is free, but isn't going to work with our rate limiting, then we might be willing to whitelist it. Contact us for further information.


The API is accessed by making HTTP requests to a specific version endpoint url, in which GET variables contain information about what you wish to access. Every endpoint is accessed via an SSL-enabled HTTPS (port 443).

Everything (methods, parameters, etc.) is fixed to a version number, and every call must contain one.

The latest stable HTTP endpoint is:


Each response is wrapped in a data tag. This means if you have a response it will always be within the data field. We also include a status code and a success flag in the response. For more information and examples go to the data models page.

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